Affordable Dentistry – Our Financial Policy

Makeovers that Are Easy on the Budget

Affordable dentistry is possible, and it starts with having choices. You can choose from several options to pay for your dental care. Insurance claims are handled by our front desk, and they will ensure you receive full benefits. Many of our patients will finance services and enjoy the benefit of a brighter, straighter smile from the very first day after treatment.

If you are exploring one of our many services, like dental veneers, Invisalign, dental implants, or dental crowns and bridges, we invite you to discuss the payment options we offer. We have financing plans available that you can apply for right here in our office. They are interest-free and paid monthly on a set date you choose. We also give discounts for payment made prior to service. Naturally, we accept major credit cards, personal checks, and cash.

Can Affordable Dentistry Be High Quality?

It is absolutely the best quality dental care you can receive in the case of Dr. Jeff Berger! Artisan Dental has cutting edge technology, experienced staff, and the skills of Jeff Berger, DDS, who continues to excel in his profession by completing numerous post-graduate education courses. The dental treatment you receive at Artisan Dental is the highest quality available, and our dedication to affordable dentistry is in line with Dr. Berger’s commitment to local community development, veterans, and children.

Affordable Dentistry begins with dental care payment options; Jeff Berger, DDS, Sonora CA

Financing and insurance can be simpler than they seem. We are happy to help you experience affordable dentistry that is of the highest quality — Call us today at 209-532-2915.
We’re excited to work with you in achieving your best smile.