Sleep Apnea

If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from sleep apnea, you may be dealing with symptoms that affect you every single day and not even know it. The effects of sleep apnea don’t just come in the form of snoring every night—fatigue, continual headaches, insomnia, and trouble focusing are also common symptoms.

If you’re ready to stop letting sleepiness and fogginess creep up on you at every hour of the day, come see us at Jeff Berger Dentistry for sleep apnea treatment. We will help you breathe easier and get the rest your body really needs.

A Better Solution

Many people with this sleep disorder turn to a CPAP machine for relief, not knowing there is an easier, more convenient solution to promote a better night’s rest: sleep apnea appliances. There’s no need to lug around a big machine when we have small, yet durable mouthpieces to adjust your jaw and open up airways for easier breathing at night. There are no replaceable parts to reorder every month, no complicated settings or timers to worry about, either. You can make sleeping as simple as it should be.

The Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Have you put off treatment because you’re not quite sure where to turn? Perhaps you didn’t even know that you had this condition? Here’s why you might be interested in treatment:

  • Sleep Improvement — There are a number of benefits to receiving sleep apnea treatment, but the biggest advantage will likely be the improvement in your sleep. You will also be more alert during the day because of improved rest at night.
  • Potential Memory and Focus Boost — Our treatment can provide a boost to your focus and memory too.
  • Easily Transportable — Our sleep apnea appliances are easy to use and convenient to carry around when traveling.
  • Less Snoring — These appliances will stimulate better breathing, so you will likely stop snoring as well.

Increase Your Energy

If you think you may have sleep disorder like this or know you do, call Jeff Berger Dentistry today. We can help you figure if sleep apnea is the root of your fatigue and can provide you with the tools necessary to start feeling great again.