Meet The Team

We were very careful in selecting our Dental Lab team members. We wanted people who were both very competent and very friendly, and we were successful in assembling such a team! From your first moments at our office, you will notice how welcoming they are and how they continue to provide a high level of dental care during each visit.

Rashele has been with the Artisan Dental Lab for over 21 years.

Rashele | RDAEF2 OA, Patient Coordinator

I have been a part of Dr. Jeff’s team since 1997. Many of you know that my role in the practice has changed over the years with him. Starting out as Dr. Jeff’s Dental assistant, with no experience I worked chairside for 6 years and obtaining license at that time. I quickly realized that I love numbers and knew Dr. Jeff’s schedule better than anybody so I moved into the Patient Coordinator position where I had the pleasure of helping patients obtain health goals and creating relationships. I went back to school with and emphasis on Accounting and bridged the gap between dentistry and my passion for numbers. I have been so blessed to train with such an incredible dentist that my passion for dentistry has come from him. I enjoy the complicated nature of how the mouth functions together and discussing cases with Dr. Jeff. In 2019 I decided to return to school and after obtaining my OA in 2022 I additionally get to manage the orthodontic side of the practice; the program takes about 14 months and I was asked to sit for my boards after 8 months. I now have returned to work alongside Dr. Jeff where I get to use the many artistic skills taught to me over the years with him. While I continue to be an expert in finances, the schedule and insurance I get to realize my true passion in the dental field. I have the pleasure of meeting every patient: either I will greet you, seat you or help you during your consultation. I look forward to meeting you!

Robin has spent 20 years working with Dr. Jeff at the Artisan Dental Lab.

Robin | Registered Dental Hygienist

At the age of ten, I was caught brushing my unhappy ponies’ teeth. It was at that moment my parents knew I would have a career in dental hygiene. Raised in Tuolumne County and educated in Oregon, I have spent the last 26 years working with Dr. Jeff to improve patients’ oral health. I believe the health of your mouth does affect your overall health. I enjoy providing excellent dental hygiene services and getting to know you. I can’t wait to meet you and help you attain your optimum oral health. Let’s talk teeth!

Steve is a 48 year veteran of the dental industry and has brought his knowledge to the Artisan Dental Lab.

Steve | Lab Technician

I currently run Sonora Dental Arts, the onsite Laboratory. I have been in the dental field for 49 years and owned my own business for a majority of my career. I started with SDA in 2016. I enjoy creating excellent dental prosthetics that both the patients and I can be proud of. I am a perfectionist by nature. With a grown family of three daughters and nine grandchildren, I enjoy spending time traveling with my wife of 44 years.

Erin is a Technician in the Artisan Dental Lab.

Erin | Patient & Hygiene Coordinator

I became a part of Dr. Jeff’s team in 2002 where I worked in the back office alongside Dr. Jeff. In 2003 I had the honor of getting to take a cosmetic class with Dr. Jeff at UOP Dental School and quickly fell in love with cosmetic side of dentistry and true Artisan Dr. Jeff is. I left the practice in 2005 to start a family and returned in 2016. I have worked as Dr. Jeff’s chair side assistant, in the laboratory helping with same-day crowns and now work in multiple capacities in the front office. I am usually the first person you will see when you enter our office or will be responsible for discussing your treatment and reserving appointments for you. Understanding how teeth work together and the consequences of doing nothing are things I have learned working alongside Dr. Jeff for so many years. They are an important part of doing my job well. If you have questions I can help! When I am not working in the office you will find me with family or photographing weddings in and out of the county. I take great pride in my passion for capturing the perfect smile and am responsible for all the photos displayed in the office.

Maesey was born and raised in Sonora, CA.

Larry | Patient Coordinator

I joined Dr. Jeff’s Team in 2019 after a 28 year career in law enforcement. It is so nice to work in an office of caring team members and great patients. One of the things I enjoy most about our office is how organized we are. We have specific systems in place that allow us all to be prepared and informed. I deal with financial communications and I take this very seriously. This is not an area on which any of our patients should have surprises. I will usually be the first person you see when you enter our office and enjoy getting to know each of you so I can help you achieve your health and dental goals.

Emir is a graduate of Oakdale High School and has a degree in Dental Hygiene.

Emir | Registered Dental Hygienist

I moved from the Bay Area to Oakdale in 2001. I graduated from Oakdale High in 2009 and Fresno City College in 2016 with my RDH. After working in a couple of dental offices I was blessed with the opportunity to join Dr. Jeff’s team. Every person on his team truly enjoys working together and has a passion much like mine for the patients and dentistry. I enjoy working with my patients, teaching them how to get healthy and helping them any way I can. Learning all the new advancements in dentistry; both techniques and technology is my utmost priority. I have found a wonderful team to be a part of and look forward to meeting you for years to come.

Shannon has 16 years of dental practice experience.

Shannon | Registered Dental Assistant

I joined Dr. Jeff’s team in 2018, with over 16 years of prior dental experience. Over the years Dr. Jeff has taken me to continuing education courses that have allowed me to expand my duties as an assistant. Not only do I take pride in my role of creating same day crowns but I am also Dr. Jeff’s primary assistant for dental implants and removable prosthetics. I have really enjoyed the time these duties allow me to spend with patients; one on one. I have a warm and comforting personality and am empathetic. It is my goal to create an exceptional experience here, especially to those who have dental anxiety (like myself). I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our dental family.

Hannah is the newest member of the Artisan Dental Lab team.

Kaylee | Registered Dental Assistant

I have been in the dental field for over seven years prior to joining Dr. Jeff’s team in 2020. I wanted to work with a dentist that is progressive and has all the latest technology and techniques that dentistry has to offer. Working with a dentist that is as compassionate as I am was very important to me. Through my continuing education with Dr. Jeff I have been able to tap into my artistic side; glazing the same day crowns. Dr. Jeff relies on me to complete the crowns in the smile area where much of the art takes place. The smile creates that first impression and I enjoy the challenge of making our crowns disappear and look natural. I enjoy being able to educate patients and help them achieve their health and smile goals. Our team is health oriented and compassionate driven. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my dogs, family and friends.

Tiffany enjoys spending time with patients and her growing family.

Becca | Registered Dental Assistant

I joined Dr. Jeff’s team in 2020. I had no prior dental experience; my focus was the medical field and decided to try something new with dentistry. I have really grown to love all that dentistry has to offer and am excited to continue learning alongside Dr. Jeff. I am grateful for the opportunity; Dr. Jeff takes such great pride in his work, is encouraging, patient and a wonderful teacher. I recently obtained my RDA in 2024 and have enjoyed the expansion of allowable duties. I spend much of my time in the office working chairside with Dr. Jeff. I enjoy making patients comfortable during treatment procedures so that they have the best experience possible. I spend my free time on my family farm, camping and fly fishing.

Hannah is the newest member of the Artisan Dental Lab team.

Tiffany | Hygiene Coordinator

I started working for Dr. Jeff when I was 19 years old with no experience. I spent many years learning from him and came to love my role in patient care. I left the to have and begin to raise my three children making myself available to fill in when someone was on vacation. I returned in 2019 when Dr. Jeff was able to offer me a part time position that would allow me to blend my worlds. I now have the pleasure of taking all our new patient phone calls. New patients are so important to our practice that this responsibility is one of the top priorities of my job. Our first conversation is so important, taking time to discover what is important to you in a dentist and your care. Please stop by and say “hello” on your first appointment. I enjoy getting to put a face to a name for all those who join or family of patients,

Shannon has 16 years of dental practice experience.

Kenzie | Clinical Assistant

I joined Dr. Jeff’s team in 2022 with no dental experience. The team depends on me in many capacities and my job is to help them all where needed. You will see me in sterilization, running from room to room, helping the hygienist, jumping in to assist, up front or just passing in the hall. I definitely get my steps in each day! I enjoy working with such a great team. Many patients compliment how well we work together and how every team member knows their role and steps in where needed. That is something I really love about this team; we are more like a family. When I am not at the office I enjoy spending time with my home family and being an auntie. I also really enjoy gardening.

Our talented team members bring years of combined dental experience to the Artisan Dental Lab and our ultra-modern office. Schedule a visit today at 209-532-2915 to experience our team first-hand.